In February of 2014, I learned that the Suicide Commandos would be opening for 1960s garage rock legends, the Sonics, at First Avenue. After years of contemplating a documentary about Jay’s Longhorn, I realized I was at a do or die moment. If I truly was going to produce this documentary, this was my entry point. The Suicide Commandos, after all, were as responsible as anyone for creating and building out the Minneapolis punk rock/new wave/alternative rock scene.

So, I did.

Now, the project is nearly complete and I’m proud to announce two upcoming events: Jay’s Longhorn Reunion Concert on Feb. 9, 2019 and the Jay’s Longhorn film premiere on March 31, 2019 — both events at the Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis. The Feb. 9 reunion concert will feature six great bands who played at Jay’s Longhorn in the late 1970s:

  • Smart Alex
  • Yipes!
  • The Hypstrz
  • Flamingo
  • The Suicide Commandos
  • Curtiss A and Jerks of Fate

Stay tuned for details on ticket sales.

—Mark Engebretson