The Sub-Commandos

Photo by Paul Lundgren

Unfortunately, neither the godfathers of Minneapolis Punk Rock — the Suicide Commandos — nor the Suburbs were able to put together a full combo for the Jay’s Longhorn Reunion at First Avenue on May 16, 2015. But the Sub-Commandos — replete with members of each band and more — did an admirable job filling the gap.

The band included Commandos’ Chris Osgood and Dave Ahl, original Suburbs’ Hugo Klaers and Michael Halliday, new Suburbs members Steve Price and Steve Brantseg, members of the Wallets and Hypstrz, former Fingerprints member and Blackberry Way recording engineer Steve Fjelstad, and Barn Party aficionado Kurt Nelson.

Seen here is Dave Ahl singing that classic Monkees song, “She.” Enjoy!

—Mark Engebretson