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A documentary featuring


Jay Berine

"What just kind of started to happen was bands would be on Saturday Night Live and a couple weeks later, they’d be at the Longhorn."


Danny Amis

"First Avenue and 7th Street Entry are obviously a really, really important part of Minneapolis rock history. They would never have existed if the Longhorn hadn’t happened first."


Lorna Doone

"We were all kindred spirits and we felt it. We knew we were doing something important and making history."


Andy Schwartz

"We drew up a list of bars and basically assigned people to go meet with the bar owner of a particular establishment and propose that we start booking these bands. ... Somebody must have come up with a winner in Jay’s Longhorn."


Mark Trehus

"You just felt like you were part of something really, really special and you knew that it was important."


Bob Mould

"I definitely think that the Longhorn set the stage for everything that happened after. ... It just gave a lot of the young musicians a lot of hope to see local bands doing so well."

Jay’s Longhorn was the epicenter of the Minneapolis punk rock and indie rock scene in the late 1970s and sparked the explosion of alternative rock music that followed in the 1980s and 1990s.